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Writer's Block: Twilight becomes you

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Have you seen New Moon? If so, how do you think it compared to the book? Was it better or worse than Twilight? Please, no spoilers!

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Well, I confess I haven't actually read the book (although I did know before hand what happens) so I can't make that comparison. I did enjoy it somewhat, but I think it says something about the film/story that I came out of it completely unable to like both Bella and Edward!!! Bloody hell that girl mopes for.. well, the US I guess. I several times wanted to hit her. I found her depression stupid and hard to relate to, especially the screaming which, again, leads me to want to hit her: a lot. Shame, really, because I actually liked her in the first film/book (which I have read). And it didn't help to have a load of ott, screaming girls in the audience. SHUT UP!!!

Aug. 4th, 2009

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Oh dearie me - I've not been on this for aages!!!!  =(  Must be more internet active!  Although that shall be a bit hard... going to Muggle Mayhem on Friday then off to the Peak District for holiday!  Currently trying to write an 800 word story for the fanfic competition part... problem not writing 800 words... is sticking to the word limit!  True to form, writing a short Marauder era - Lily pov.  Very hard, but I want to do it!  Aach!

My Shop

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Have totally randomly decided that, if money was absolutely no object (as in I was a multi-millionaire) then I would like to have a shop - an AWESOME shop - in London that had all the truly sad things that I love to buy!  And damn, because I drew it very quickly in paint but I can't get it in without putting it online... which I can't be bothere with.  Stupid LJ =(

Ah well.  There would be a circular reception in the middle (this shop is quite big, btw)  with stairs/lifts at the back.  On the lhs (as you enter) would be the LotR and HP sections.  LotR would be most likely decorated like a forest or Rivendell or something - when i think about it I see lots of ivy in any case.  And it would have all the films, books etc. as well as imitation props, costumes - and those nice jewelry things they do.  A mix of expensive replicas and cheap generic stuff that could be used for parties.

HP section... you know, I'm not quite sure what style this should be in... I suppose Hogwarts is the ideal, really - lots of candle bulbs and stone work everywhere - maybe lots of stars on the ceiling for the Great Hall.  This is sooo going to be the biggest part of my shop!  Uniforms, wands, games, sweets etc.  And I'd have this little computer machine that kids can use to make their own Chocolate Frog cards.  Takes a photo of them - maybe dressed up in something from the shop if they want - puts it on the front of the card then they can fill in fun facts about themselves to go on the back!  Probably need to have someone do this for them though...

Then on the rhs of the shop I'd have a sci-fi section.  You know, Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Firefly, BSG etc... lots of DVDs, replica guns, hopefully build your own lightsaber!  Although I think Disney might have an exc;usive on that. Darn.

And then, upstairs, would be more general fancy dress and assorted random collectibles.  Maybe can do a hiring service on fancy dress costumes for added income.  Also upstairs have a cafe, maybe, serving things like pumpkin juice, lembas bread, chocolate frogs etc... as well as normal food!

Love to call my shop Room of Requirement, but I don't think I'd be able to snag that due to copy right infringements.  =(  How sad.

I think this is the most untidy post I've ever made - it's all over the place!  Ah well.  Would have looked better with my pictures, sigh.  Anyone else know what they'd sell if they had a shop?  Or know someone with business sense and lots of money but doesn't have an idea for a shop that can come and invest in my shop with me?  =P

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Well, nearly finished with my time at Uni now - aah! - and, aside from finding a job (which I admit is a bit of a biggie) this is my lovely to do list once I've finished.  Things I'd really love to be using as a procrastination means but can't as I have too much time on my hands...

Writer's Block: Strange Conversations

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What's the best conversation you've ever had with a stranger—on a bus, in an elevator, at a cafe, etc.?

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Well, I've not had that many really -I don't like talking to strangers!  I usually ignore people.  But two stick out in my mind.

The first one was in San Diego.  My sister and I were there on holiday and  were on a tram going to Sea World (or the zoo.. can't remember which!).  Anyway, this guy suddenly started talking to us.  Like I said, not a fan of random conversations, so I was trying to find a way to politely end it but then we started talking about the UK - and I realised that it was such a confusing concept for people outside of England to get!

I'm just so used to that 4 in 3 in 1 country thing that we've got going on... England is a country and with the countries of Wales and Scotland are another sort of country called Great Britain, and with Nothern Island all 4 of us are the United Kingdom... he just couldn't understand it!  We were really going into history and everything, too - about how James (the something - possibly 6th?) of Scotland become James the first of England when the tudor line died out, so making Britain but everything was still a separate country.  I guess I can sort of forget other people (usually Americans) for not realising the Britain isn't the same thing as England.  (*Cough* Stargate Atlantis *Cough*)

And the other random conversation was on a train coming back from the Bedford Chevron Convention in February this year when this guy on the seats next to me asked if he could do a magic trick for me.  Again, not quite sure why I said yes, but it was AMAZING!!!  So awesome!  He was just so good and after about 20 minutes the whole carriage was joining in, watching and participating.  Even the guard stopped around for about 10 minutes!  I was so hyper after that I was just grinning the whole way home =D  Which was good, because I was so exhausted after Bedford that I honestly thought I'd just fall asleep before I even got there!

Mar. 17th, 2009

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Ranting on fees.

Or, more accurately, proposed increase of current University fees of £3000 per annum to at least £5000 per annum (if not more).

Firstly, what the hell are they thinking?!  Everyday on the news there is some little snippet of our uncertain economic times, how banks are less forgiving about people struggling with debt, how companies are going bust, jobs are drying up and how hard it is to get on to the property market.  If the government decide to put up top up fees, they'll be increasing general student debt from an already outrageous £18000 to just under £25000.  Who would be willing to take on such a debt in these times?  I get that the Universities need more income - that's fair enough - but if they're looking to get it from the students, they should think again.  Increasing Uni fees to the amount they need will simply ensure that they don't get the money - people will be put off and go elsewhere or simply go into work.  Then if there's no cap on the maximum fees, they'll just keep raising it more and more until the University has to shut down.  I honestly think this will be the only result of competitiveness between Universities.  The ones that are alright financially wise - such as mine, Surrey - won't need to increase fees, or not that much, whilst ones that are deeply in the red will shoot their fees up and, as a result, find all their students flocking away and will have to close.

It's also not going to hit the very poor (or the very wealthy).  The people it will really hit will be those from middle class backgrounds.  Those whose parents don't own very much only have to generally pay part of - sometimes none - of the fees.  I admit that 'part' of £5000 is still a lot of money, but not compared to people like me who will have to pay back the full £5000.  I think this is horribly unfair.  I understand why it was introduced - back before top up fees all fees had to be paid that year.  But now there are loans for fees that are paid back after you graduate - ie. when you are earning.  Now is this fair?  Because I think everyone should have to pay the full top up fee (I'm back to just fees of £3000 now... this rant has turned into something quite different =D) in this case.  It's not as if my parents would be contributing to me paying back my fee - it would all be me.  And isn't the point of University that everyone comes out of it with a degree and in the same position as everyone else?  That means background doesn't matter.  You're just as ready to get a job - just as likely - as someone whose parents earned a lot more than yours, yet you would have only part of the debt they had.  I think Universities should look at this bit before jumping to top up fees.  EVERYONE should pay the same amount, simply because it's paid when they are earning, not before.  It's not fair on people like my sister.  I've never really thought about this before... now I have and I'm a little angry.  Why should someone who's earning the same - if not more - than me have a smaller debt just because their parents didn't earn as much as mine?  Especially when said parents are having nothing to do with my fee payment?  Grrr....

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Wow... I didn't know that my icon would change according to my mood listed!!!  How amazing is that?!  Anyway, the next part of my con report...


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Con Report, Part Two!

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Ok... feeling a wee bit better and no more coursework for a couple of weeks... so thought I should write this down whilst it's still vaguely fresh in my mind!


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Writer's Block: Chatty

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Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone?

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Oh, sooo prefer texting people! I don't know why - it's probably quicker to sort things out to talk to them, but it's less intrusive than phoning someone. I know generally in America (Canada and the US) they prefer calling people, which I find bizarre. Not necessarily because I prefer texting (as would, I'd imagine, the majority of the UK), but because it costs them so much more! It even costs the person you're calling and I HATE that more than anything! It's bloody ridiculous. You can't help it if someone calls you, after all. I think they're mad for going along with it! They're ripped off, mobile phone wise.

Mar. 3rd, 2009

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Stolen from Laura who stole it from Ali....

Write one sentence, with no explanations, titles etc. from all of your WIPs....  Now, I'm sort of taking this to mean WIPs in general, not neccessarily just the ones you've posted online, mainly because I decided I wouldn't post any more stories unless they were completed...

Hmm... me thinks I have too many unfinished stories... I've only completed two, and they were one shots!!!  Eek!


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